Monday, 11 February 2013

we were warriors shows to make cute, cheap and classy valentines cards!

(photo heavy)


What you need!
* paper or cardboard
*pre-creased card 
*lace and ribbons
*PVA or Craft glue
*print outs of your sweetheart!(or teen dreams)
*lead pencil
*a pen (to write a love note xx)

pick your card
 if using paper fold in half to make a card
using your lead pencil, draw a heart shape
cut it out 
measure the lace or ribbon around the heart and cut to length
 place a small sheet of paper inside the card ,
then surround the edge of the heart with PVA or craft glue
 stick the lace or ribbon around the hearts edge
add heaps more embellishments or just a bit!
place a photo of your sweetheart inside and glue in place
then right a cute note with your cute pen!
and your done! 

you can also make tons of cute heart cards! 
 cut out a heart by folding a piece of paper in half!
 or a bunch of hearts!
pick your heart place on top of your photo
trace the heart in pencil then cut out
 glue the photo to a slightly larger heart and cover the heart edge with glue
 cover with glitter and sparkles and stars!

here are some variation suggestion !

 the final products!

we stuck them all to our studio wall!

love love love!


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