Saturday, 16 March 2013

fabulous Fran Fine

Fran Fine is one of we were warriors biggest influences!
Watching The Nanny made us believe we could wear anything we wanted too, it didn't have to be sensible, it didn't have to be like everyone else, it didn't even have to match! and that growing up didn't mean growing boring! 
The over the top patterns, twin sets, crop tops,mini skirts, amazing patterned wedges! TRE CRA CHIC!
most of all we loved that Fran fines fashion choices taught us that it was ok to be different, in fact it was better!
its unbelievable how much nanny fines wardrobe influences high fashion today! even subconsciously! 
just look to the catwalks or

thank you Fran Fine for your brave and exciting fashion choices that shaped our fashion future!


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